What payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard - we prefer checks rather than cards for larger invoices, but whatever works best for you is good with us.

Is paint included in the price?

Yes, paint and supplies are always included in the estimate we provide.

How long is my estimate good for?

We provide a 30-day price guarantee on all estimates. This means that as long as your job is scheduled within 60 days of receiving your estimate, we will honor that price.

Will my invoice be the exact same as the free estimate that you provided, or will it ever be more?

An estimate covers 100% of the job unless homeowners request additional work after the job has been started. That work will be priced accordingly after discussing with the homeowner and then added to the estimate.

Do I need to be home while you paint?

We require that someone is home when we first begin your project. However, once we have reviewed the project with you and have gotten started, you are free to leave if you would like.

Why work with a painting company rather than an all-purpose contractor?

As a painting company only, we have fine-tuned our skills and are more knowledgeable about the products and methods used to apply paint. Essentially, more experience equals better end results.

Painting Specifics

How many coats of paint do you apply?

Standard pricing for interiors includes two coats and one coat for exteriors. If your project consists of painting a light color over a dark one, we can discuss if two coats would be best for your project.

When can you start?

Typically within two weeks (weather permitting for exterior jobs).

How long will my paint job take?

Most exterior jobs are completed in three days or less.

Interior jobs range from 1-6 days depending on the scope of work.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use high-quality paint, typically from Sherwin-Williams, Guirys, or Lowes.

Using high quality paint means the finished job will look better and last longer. High quality exterior paint has better UV protection and will hold up better to the rain, snow, and sleet. Binders in the paint makes it more resistant to cracking, blistering and peeling. These binders also mean the paint looks more saturated so you won't see brush / roller strokes. High-quality interior paint is more stain resistant and easier to clean, plus added mildewcides help to keep mildew in check.

Occasionally we will recommend using a different brand to keep your project consistent with the original paint. We can also get any brand of paint depending on homeowner's preference.

How do I pick my paint color?

If you need ideas, you can browse colors online at Sherwin-Williams or visit a local store to see all of your options. We can also have any color matched so your options are limitless.

Will you help with color selection?

We are always happy to share our opinion; however, you know what you like best so we prefer to leave that decision up to you.

Do you provide paint samples?

We do not provide paint samples; however, you may visit a Sherwin-Williams, Guirys, or Lowes store to purchase a sample.

What are the differences in sheens and how do they wear differently?

  • Flat - This has a dull finish with low durability. It is not washable, and stains easily. Flat finish is primarily used for interior ceilings.
  • Matte - This has a dull finish and has medium to low durability. Matte finish can be used on interior walls and ceilings.
  • Eggshell - This has some sheen that makes it washable. This is the paint finish that we recommend most people use for interior walls.
  • Satin - This has a shinier appearance that gives it better protection from the elements, is durable and washable. This is the sheen we recommend for all of our exterior paint jobs.
  • Semi-gloss - This has a reflective appearance, is easy to clean, and is resistant to dirt and stains. This is recommended for interior trim, doors, bathroom and kitchen walls.
  • Gloss - This is very shiny and is highly durable. This can be used on cabinets and interior trim.

Will you leave extra paint once you are done with the job?

Yes, we leave at least one quart can of each color used on your project.

Do I need Home Owner Association (HOA) approval before I start my exterior paint job?

Each HOA has different requirements so you will need to consult your bylaws before scheduling your paint job.

What prep work do I need to do before you start painting?

For interior jobs, we ask that you remove pictures from the walls and any decorations attached to the house. Move interior furniture away from walls (don't worry - we can help with the heavy stuff).

For exterior projects, any overgrown trees and bushes should be trimmed. Cars should be moved away from the house. We will move patio furniture and BBQ grills.

How can I keep the sunny side of my house from fading?

While you can't totally prevent fading, using two coats of a high-quality paint that has a reflective sheen will help reduce fading over time. Additionally, lighter colors resist fading more than darker colors.

How long will my stain last?

Exterior staining can add a rich, beautiful look to you project. However, it is a high-maintenance look that requires additional coats every 1-3 years to keep it looking new. Because stain penetrates wood and does not build multiple layers of protection like paint does, it is more susceptible to damage from rain, snow and UV rays. For this reason, we do not provide a warranty on any exterior staining.

Why is high-quality paint important?

Not only does it make the finished job look better and last longer, it provides a uniform, even coat. It is longer lasting and the high-quality binders in the paint makes it more resistant to cracking, blistering an peeling. Additionally, higher-quality paint is more stain resistant and easier to clean, plus added mildewcides help to keep mildew in check.

Do you brush and roll or utilize an airless paint sprayer?

It depends on the job.

We usually brush and roll smaller jobs; however, it is more cost effective to use an airless paint sprayer on larger jobs as it can quickly add an even coat of paint over a larger area.

Our painters are highly trained and know how to operate airless paint sprayers using the appropriate pressure and paint tip size to provide the proper coating to you project. This is important because it ensures even paint coverage and eliminates overspray (this refers to getting paint on unwanted areas).