Mission Statement:

"To Use Our Experience and Knowledge to Create a Quality Long-Lasting Product, Backed by Integrity and Unparalleled Service."

Our Management Team

As second-generation painters and longtime residents of Loveland, Colorado, Jason, and Matt Cheever bring a wealth of experience to their craft. With over 25 years of individual painting expertise, their skills were instilled from a young age under the guidance of their three uncles. They not only gained a strong work ethic but also acquired the necessary skills to run their own flourishing painting business. After graduating from Loveland High School, they purchased their uncle Steve's, painting business and made it their own. In addition to working locally for the last 25 years, they take pride in giving back to the community including coaching kid's sports.
Their focus has primarily revolved around collaborating with builders on new construction projects since 2001. Initially working with two builders, Jason and Matt have expanded their services and now cater to eight different builders across Northern Colorado. Their profound understanding of the professional painting process is a testament to their extensive training and knowledge.

Throughout their journey, they have also successfully completed numerous homeowners repaint jobs, serving acquaintances and individuals referred to them. Although they had not actively pursued the repaint market until recently, they now boast a growing company with a team of experienced and reliable painters who deliver exceptional workmanship. Eager to meet the rising demand for repaints and remodels, they extend their professional service and premium painting quality to homeowners.

Their crews typically consist of a foreman alongside two or three additional painters, depending on the project's size. Approachable and friendly, their painters provide high-quality service and are more than willing to discuss your project or address any inquiries you may have.

If you are looking for experienced painters who can complete your project and create a quality long-lasting product with unparalleled service, reach out to them today!